April 2016

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The Real Estate Steady growth rate Set to improve over years

The strong price rises show the power of Kenya. It’s a great country and it’s moving in the right direction. For the future I expect real estate prices to continue growing healthily, but probably at a more sustainable rate than the very fast rises of the last few years. The double digit growth of 20%…Read More→

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The 6 Methods Necessary for Real Estate Investment

Not everyone wants to be at the head of the pack when it comes to real estate investing. Luckily, if you’re more of an investing introvert, you have a lot of methods available to you that don’t allow for you to shine – but you do still keep a lot of cash Birddogging It involves…Read More→

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Exciting Investment Opportunity

Introducing KARIBU HOMES!!It Offers you an exiting investment opportunity for small startup persons looking invest in high quality residential developments.The units are affordable and crafted to suite your financial capability ,KARIBU HOMES is located 2 kilometres from the Athi River/Kitengela flyover and 1000 metres from Engen petrol station on Mutungoni Rd . Its features are…Read More→

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This How Easy You can Own Property

The developer identifies a piece of land in upmarket areas of Nairobi including Lavington, Kileleshwa, Westlands, Kilimani and calls together people interested to purchase the property at a smaller cost. For example if the one acre land is 250 million they bring together 80 people who jointly buy the land for 3M, they then proceed…Read More→

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Samburu New Invesment Ventures

The Samburu have practiced nomadic pastoralism for quite some time, but the norm is slowly fading away after introduction of devolution,huge land that were previously communal have been sold to private developers who are rushing to invest on houses as result of increasing demand in the county trading center this advancement has seen an emergence…Read More→