October 2017

RE/MAX Heritage World Diaspora Expo – North America 2017

We welcome you to the 4th World Diaspora Property and Investment Conference to be held in the cities of Houston, Ottawa & Toronto this November. This tour of North America will be held between the dates of 14th to 28th November and the theme is ‘How to make proper investment decisions in uncertain times’. The…Read More→

South African hotel chain to open at Two Rivers

South Africa’s hospitality group City Lodge is set to open its Two Rivers Mall hotel next month, adding to Nairobi’s bed space and raising competition in the sector. The international hotel chain is putting finishing touches to the 172-room property. It is the latest addition to the portfolio of the multinational which also runs Nairobi’s…Read More→

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How difficult is the property purchase process in Kenya?

Foreigners can buy ‘commercial class’ land in Kenya. This type of land is for income or revenue-making purposes. Foreigners are allowed to acquire this and build on it. ‘Agricultural land’ or farm lands cannot be acquired by foreign individuals. ‘Agricultural land’ is usually owned by indigenous people. If purchase is made through a company –…Read More→