May 2019

KMRC heralds affordable housing dream

Kenyans earning Sh150,000 and below per month are set to get house loans from local financial institutions at rates below 10 percent after the country launched its first secondary mortgage financier. According to the Business Daily, the Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC), a Treasury-backed lender, is expected to cut the cost of home loans to…Read More→

DP Ruto home

Kenyan to cough up Sh.152 million for DP Ruto’s new home

Kenyan tax payers are in for a bleak future, as reports have emerged that the government will spend 152.4 million in the refurbishment of DP Ruto’s Mombasa home. The DP’s office, sought the services of a contractor to upgrade the residence of former Coast PC into a palatial home fit for the DP. According to…Read More→