June 2019

Tenants to be CRB listed

Affordable home suppliers wanted

Construction and building material suppliers have been invited to bid in the multi-billion-shilling affordable housing scheme set for national roll-out. A State Department of Public Works notice said bidders must quote prices based on locally procured construction and building materials that will be delivered to government construction sites for the next two years. “Interested candidates…Read More→

Nanyuki Oasis securing the future

Mahatma Gandhi once said that the future depends on what we do today. We at Nanyuki Oasis, are cognizant of this fact. As a result, we are taking steps to secure the future for the coming generations. On 20th July, we will be at Sirat Primary School in Nanyuki, planting trees and donating books to…Read More→

Housing fund levy, the thorn in Rotich’s side

It is that time of the year again. Rotich, the Finance CS has to perform a tough balancing act which involves raising contributions to the national kitty and not offending Kenyan’s sensibilities. Rotich is expected to raise 3.1 trillion for the financial period beginning July. However, Rotich will be wary of the courts and will…Read More→

What Facebook’s new digital currency means for real estate

Facebook will reportedly announce the progress on  its new cryptocurrency  later this month. Employees working on this currency, dubbed Libra, will be the first to use as it has been reported that they have accepted it as a form of payment. Facebook has been mum on this project but a few details have leaked out…Read More→

Prices of Nairobi luxury homes hit all time low

If you have dreams of buying a home, well, this is the best time. According to a recent report by Knight Frank, prices of prime residential properties in Nairobi, have slumped by 6.5%. This has been termed as the most significant drop in values, ever since this 12 month index started. This trend has been…Read More→

EACC accused of inflating Integrity Centre cost

The house of cards that is the fight against graft has taken another blow. The The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commision (EACC), the prime agency charged with the task of fighting graft has been embroiled in a graft scandal of its own. A parliamentary committee has questioned the anti-graft agency’s decision to acquire the  Integrity Centre,…Read More→